Fresh out of Atlanta, Brilliant Mistakes bring a refreshing blend of americana-infused indie rock  with a modern, diverse twist. Formed in 2021, the four-piece consist of the powerhouse vocals of Dylan Kight, the drumming drive of Cris McAvoy, the  bass groove of Bob  Goin, and the guitar prowess of Michael Koetter. Reminiscent of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Wilco, and  early R.E.M, their sound captures the nostalgia and essence of the groups that have inspired them over time, whilst infusing cherry picked elements from country to indie to power  pop. Following the launch of their lead single ‘The  Stories  We  Tell’ in November  2021, the group have since begun the year with the release of their debut 10-track album ‘Outsiders’ on New Year's Day. Packed with guitar driven soundscapes, hard-hitting  drums, imaginative basslines and the rugged powerhouse vocals. Though recently formed, the band show no signs of slowing down as they take to the stage with their new material in 2022, and revisit the studio to craft their next chapter.