From the recording Outsiders


West of Corpus Christi
In a town called Alice
It feels like a Mexican prison
A couple hundred miles south of Dallas

A man can't let go
He must see it for himself
For him to see that it is so
That's why I'm letting go

I traveled west
Then I headed south
The heat was surrounded me
I could feel it in my breath
A man has to follow
What's inside his chest

There's something about a love
That slipped out of your hands
That makes you question where you stand
That's why I'm letting go

What are we running from?
In a world come undone
I'm looking at sky full of stars
Just wondering where you are
Are the questions that rattle our bones
Going to guide me home tonight

I'm lost somewhere in Texas
Looking for a girl
But I was the one who left her standing there
And now I'm the one who's hurt

I knocked on your mommas door
To see where you were
She looked at me like we never met
But i guess that's what I deserve
She told me you were married
With a man of the lord
I starting looking at artifacts
All the photographs of your kin
Her mother was telling me stories the conversation was growing thin

I'm headed back to Atlanta
Not much better than when I left it
This is probably what I deserve it's true
I better get use to feeling blue